Mercedes-Benz Service

Orion Auto services is a Houston Mercedes Repair Specialist

hire-usGerman cars have always been at the forefront of technological advances, with Mercedes-Benz cars being no exception. From fiber optic networks to handle all the entertainment systems, to the intricate mechanisms involved in a fully automatic convertible top. These are systems that need constant training and knowledge to be able to service and repair them properly.

Working on these cars for over ten years has taught us the importance of been properly equipped to be able to service and repair these vehicles to the highest levels, as expected from our clientele.

Does your Benz have that musty/moldy smell when the a/c is first started? Under certain environmental conditions, typically in a hot and humid climate (like Houston), these vehicles may emit a musty/moldy odor from the air conditioning system. This may be more noticeable when starting the vehicle due to residual condensation on the evaporator and on the interior surface of the heater box. Over time, the mildew can rot-out the aluminum coils on the evaporator. If this is the case, evaporator replacement will be necessary (costly repair)! You can view this project in the Orion Porfolio. We can perform a cleaning service, following Mecedes specific instructions, using a Mecedes-Benz Contra Sepct cleaning solution that will leave your Benz smelling like a doctor’s office.

From scheduled maintenance services, to complex diagnosis…

Typical Mercedes Repair & Maintenance by Orion

  • Scheduled maintenance:A & B services and C thru H services on some models.
  • Oil change services
  • A/C service and repair
  • Convertible top diagnosis and repair
  • Active Suspension diagnosis and repair, including Airmatic and ABC supension systems
  • Advanced diagnostics, module coding and programming
  • Evaporator cleaning service.

There is no European car specialist in Houston that compares to our Honesty, Integrity, and know-how … Seriously.