BMW Service

hire-usGerman cars have always been at the forefront of technological advances. We at Orion are committed to keeping up with these constant changes with technology not just with BMW, but in the automotive industry in general.

In keeping up with this commitment, we have recently upgraded our BMW diagnosis system to BMW’s new 3G OSS system. This system is an online system consisting of ISTA (integrated service technical application) used for diagnosing and programming of BMW/Mini vehicles, among other things. This new system gives us the ability to diagnose problems more efficiently, perform programming and coding functions with the most up to date software and have access to the latest service information available.


Programming a 2007 BMW 5 series in our shop

Featuring BMW Engine Repair by Orion Auto Services

Featuring BMW Engine Repair by Orion Auto Services

A well equipped shop needs to have this system to be able to properly service all present and future BMW cars. We are very excited to bring this technology to our shop and ultimately to our customer’s cars.

You’ve worked hard for your BMW and will not settle for anything less than the absolute best service possible. Why not trust your vehicle to a facility that shares that passion of excellence.


Here are some services we provide on all BMW and Minis and what they typically include:

MAINTENANCE- Inspection I:

Oil Change Service (BMW Synthetic), complete thorough vehicle inspection, replacement of cabin air filters, top off of all fluids, adjust tire pressures and reset of maintenance indicator.

Inspection II:

Oil Change Service (BMW Synthetic), complete thorough vehicle inspection, replacement of cabin air filters, engine air filters, replacement of spark plugs, top off of all fluids, adjust tire pressures, lubricate door hinges & window tracks and reset of maintenace indicator.

Additional maintenance:

Every 2 Years – Brake Fluid Flush
Every 4 Years – Coolant Antifreeze Flush

Condition Based Services:

Some newer BMWs have on-board sensors and programmed logic to let you know when certain maintenance sevices are due, i.e (cabin filters, brake fluid flush, brake pad replacement).
If any of these messages appear, we can perform only the corresponding service necessary and reset only that indicator, if any of the other services are not due yet.

Whether it’s an oil change service or a programming session, we have the knowledge and expertise to properly service your BMW.

Do you have an extended warranty on your BMW? Orion has your covered. We will handle the claim from beginning to end. We will work to get the needed repairs authorized and arrange for car rentals as necessary.

Additional BMW service at Orion:bmw-e63-m6

• BMW Certified Tech on hand
• Complete engine repair and service
• VANOS service
• A/C service and repair
• Convertible top diagnosis and repair
• Battery installation/registration and retrofits
• Retrofits such as Ipod and Bluetooth installs
• Evaporator cleaning service
• And most importantly, peace of mind!

 So next time you need service on your BMW or Mini, give us a call! And be part of the Orion family.